Big Boi feat. Little Dragon – Mama Told Me

I’m a big Little Dragon fan, I am also an even bigger Outkast fan and Big Boi is the dude.  The two come together for this second take off the album, which previously featured Kelly Rowland.  Both are good, but I’m a sucker for Yakimi Nagano’s vocals so I’m gonna have to say I like her version better.  Listen/DL below.

Big Boi feat. Little Dragon – Mama Told Me


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Blake Nania says:

You’re right. Sorry, I worded that wrong. Kelly Rowland is the bigger name so I’m sure that’s why they hyped up her version and decided to go with her’s instead. Kinda sad because yea I agree, this version is much better.

Hugge says:

This song was originally written with Little Dragon, and for different reasons they dropped it and Big Boi went with Kelly Rowland. This version is miles ahead.