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Gorgon City – Here For You (Slander Edit)

Gorgon City - Here For You (Slander Edit)


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Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Kygo Remix)

Syn Cole - Miami 82 (Kygo Remix)

Norwegian producer and musical genius Kygo has done it YET AGAIN. Kygo has absolutely been killing it all through 2013 and is setting himself up to be one of the most talked about producers and remix artists of 2014. We’ve been a fan of his since day one and we HAVE to share his latest remix with you considering it is absolute gold. Kygo takes Syn Cole‘s “Miami 82” and transforms it into a track that is truly his own. Captivating vocals and Kygo‘s touch of synth and beat work make this a track worthy of any set or playlist. Kygo entered this track on IndabaMusic’s remix contest:

Vote for Miami 82 (Kygo Remix) HERE

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The 1975 – Chocolate (Oli Slack Remix)

The 1975 - Chocolate (Oli Slack Remix)

We’ve got an blissful and absoutely captivating remix of the ever popular The 1975‘s “Chocolate.” Oli Slack took the already beautiful track and put his own chill spin on it. Nothing not to love about this remix, handcrafted beats, chopped vocals and a melody destined to find a place in your head for the next week or so. Enjoy this one.

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The Melker Project – Show Me Pound Cake

The Melker Project - Show Me Pound Cake

We aren’t usually ones to post hip-hop or rap for that matter on OHD very frequently but we gotta say that Scott Melker of The Melker Project brings something incredibly fresh to the table. With this track titled “Show Me Pound Cake” he combines some electronic synth-elements with an incredibly catchy melody, lyrics and beat that seems to bring me coming back, again and again. Working with big names like Jay-Z, Ellie Goulding, Chris Brown & Kid Ink, I think you’ll see what I’m talking about real quick.

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Goldroom – Adalita (Figgy Remix)


As huge fans of Goldroom and as obvious fans of remixes of tracks that we love, it would seem fit that this remix done by Figgy would fit nicely onto OHD. Figgy has taken Goldroom’s beautiful “Adalita” and transformed it into a beautiful, somewhat slowed down, tropical pineapple flavored drink for you to enjoy. Love this remix, and we think you will too.

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Choose Your Flavor Vol. 3


It took me a little bit more time to feel comfortable throwing together a collection of tracks that I felt were worthy enough of sharing with the world this past month. Hopefully I’ll be able to compile faster (SEND ME YOUR MUSIC) so that I can get these Choose Your Flavor‘s out and into your hands faster than I have been :). Anyway, I’m really happy with this collection and I think you will too. I try to keep it as fresh as possible and this is a set that I know you’ll all be happy with. Without further adieu, here is this months Choose Your Flavor Vol. 3 playlist – make sure to download all the tracks below! See you soon.

Track Listing:

  1. The Magician : “When The Night Is Over” feat. Newtimers (Arches Remix)
  2. Natalia Kills – Saturday Night (La’ Reda Remix)
  3. MNEK x Disclosure – White Noise (XYconstant Remix)
  4. Aaron Smith – Dancin (Remix by KRONO)
  5. Donna Summer – Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix)
  6. BEΛR//FVCE – Taste My Sad
  7. Aluna George – Best Be Believing (Ta-ku Remix)
  8. Bastille – Of The Night (MNEK Remix)
  9. Flume – Insane ft. Moon Holiday (L D R U Remix)
  10. Goldroom – Embrace (Bixel Boys Remix)
  11. Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha) (Goldroom Remix)
  12. Major Lazer – Jet Blue Jet (Faustix & Imanos Remix)


Disclosure – Apollo

Disclosure - Apollo

And here we have it, the latest from easily one of the biggest artists of 2013, Disclosure. They just put this up on their SoundCloud account and I absolutely had to share it right away. Staying true to their style this track has got some incredible vibes coming off of it. Touring the world hasn’t seemed to gotten to their heads, and I’m happy that I can say that. I can definitely see this track becoming an instant favorite amongst Disclosure fans. Minimalistic, simple yet innovative, captivating and melodic. Check out this latest track titled, Apollo.

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Young Summer – Waves That Rolled You Under (Backstroke Remix)

Young Summer - Waves That Rolled You Under (Backstroke Remix)

Just a couple months ago Young Summer surprised the world with their original track Waves That Rolled You Under – with it’s chill indie summer-vibes, entrancing vocals there seemed to be no way it could be any better. Well, I guess Young Summer was equally as impressed as I was by this remix of the track by Backstroke, because they posted it directly to their own SoundCloud. Backstroke takes this track and implements some trap-like hits, vocal edits, and makes it uniquely his own but stays true to the beauty of the original. Check it!

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click to download

Just incase you missed it…. The original:

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