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Imagine Dragons – Demons (Dzeko &#...

Imagine Dragons - Demons (Dzeko & Torres 'Sunset' Remix)

Dzeko & Torres are notorious for providing some amazing electro and house dance floor bangers and yes, they have done it yet again. This Imagine Dragons remix is an absolutely stunning anthemic beauty that I  imagine being blasted at a massive show with lasers, smoke, fire and strobes along with it. This track is a powerhouse begging to be messed with – full of energy, drops and captivating vocals, this is almost guaranteed to land a spot on many DJ’s must play list. Enjoy Demons.

Imagine Dragons – Demons (Dzeko & Torres 'Sunset' Remix)

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Lady Gaga – Applause


Not too sure how I feel about posting Lady Gaga right now, but I gotta suppress my ego and recognize the music for what it is – that’s what this blog is about anyway, right? This track is club friendly and I gotta say, gets stuck in my head. You be the call on whether or not you enjoy Lady Gaga‘s latest release titled Applause. Not bad in my opinion. Enjoy!

I live for the applause, applause

I live for the applause-plause

Live for the way that you cheer and scream for me

The applause, applause, applause

Lady Gaga – Applause

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Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Todd Edwa...


I love Sam Smith so I’m always eager to hear any sort of remix or anything even remotely related to the London based vocalist, remix or otherwise.  This is the first remix I’ve heard of his most recent single and I really can’t say I’d expect to hear many that top this.  Clicks, claps, and a bouncing club beat are added onto the song to make for an overall awesomely reworked dance track courtesy of a man who’s made his name doing exactly that, Todd Edwards.

Lay Me Down (Todd Edwards Dub Mix)

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OHD Monthly Mixtape #2 – Dj Pepe

Dj Pepe, Canadian based producer and Dj has released our second ever Oh Hey Doctor Exclusive mixtape for your listening pleasure. Just like the first, he takes us on a 30 minute journey through of only the best dance tracks around right now. Push play, turn it up and blast it at a party and it’s like having your own personal Dj right in the house with you. Flawless transitions between high energy tracks and filthy drops guaranteed to get you started right. If you like these mixes, make sure to show him the love he deserves by following him on Facebook and SoundCloud via the links below.

Stay tuned monthly for his mixtapes exclusive for Oh Hey Doctor!

OHD Monthly Mixtape #2 – Dj Pepe

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Rocket Man – Anoop Desai

Anoop Desai, an upcoming electro-pop artist and former American Idol finalist just dropped this gem on the world. Teaming up with DJ ADHD who hails from Atlanta, Rocket Man is just a small preview of their upcoming EP titled “3 Cheers.” “3 Cheers” is slated for release in just a couple more weeks on November 20th and is one that us here at OHD will be waiting for. Rocket Man showcases Desai‘s incredible vocal ability while delivering club-ready pop tracks influenced with just the right dose of dubstep and electro that guarantees its placement into any DJ set. Enjoy the preview and make sure to follow Anoop Desai via the links below for his more information on his EP and other upcoming releases.

Rocket Man – Anoop Desai

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Reason (Cash Cash & The Jane Doze R...

I love The Jane Doze and this remix that they released yesterday is absolutely phenomenal. Combining perfect amounts melody, dubstep, and dance all into one. Transforming this NERVO & Hook N Sling track into something you’d feel comfortable blasting just about anywhere (and you should, because people will want to know what it is / WHERE YOU GOT IT). I’m happy to provide this one for you guys today, just do me one favor and make sure to show Cash Cash and The Jane Doze some love for this epic remix of Reason. Enjoy!

Reason (Cash Cash & The Jane Doze Remix)

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[Dubstep] The Wildcat – Porter Rob...

First off, I think I should probably let you all hear the original before I get to the (much better in my opinion) remixes…

The Wildcat – Porter Robinson

Now I’ll show you some AMAZING remixes done of the original. You’re really gonna like what I’ve got for you here. First I’ve got a “re-lick” – whatever that means, I don’t know, but I like it – of Lazy Rich‘s remix (which I’ll show you after this) done by REL1 that is what actually turned me onto this track and the other remixes in the first place. Here’s the remix done by Lazy Rich I mentioned before. Lazy Rich is famous for his progressive / club remixes of just about anything that he can get his hands on. This time around he’s done it again and I must say that he’s does an absolutely phenomenal job of making it his own. Last, a spectacular bootleg done by DallasK combining original elements from The Wildcat but also flawlessly combining elements of Leave The World Behind by Swedish House Mafia. I’ll let the tracks sort of speak for themselves but you MUST hear them all. Enjoy!

The Wildcat (Lazy Rich Remix) (REL1 Re–Lick)

The Wildcat (Lazy Rich Remix)

Leave The Wildcat Behind (DallasK Bootleg)

Adventure Club – Need Your Heart F...

Need Your Heart, an impressive Adventure Club track on it’s own has just been crafted into something beautiful by Tabs, a DJ/ Producer out of Phoenix. Tabs completely revamped this track by replacing the heavy drops/sections with a more uplifting club house feel. Worthy of fist pumps? I think so. Enjoy.

Adventure Club – Need Your Heart (TABS Bootleg)



Need Your Heart Ft Kai – Adventure Club


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