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Choose Your Flavor Vol. 2


Yes, I’m making this a thing because in all honesty, there is far too much music out right now for me to construct separate posts for them all. So what I’m doing, incase you missed the first CYF (Choose Your Flavor) is compiling all my favorite tracks from the last couple weeks – maybe not all favorites but definitely noteworthy – and putting them in a place where you can just push play, while studying, driving, or whatever it is you kids do these days and CHOOSE YOUR FLAVORS.

Track Listing:

  1. Nirvana (TIP’s Promised Land Remix) – Sam Smith
  2. Breathe (Extended) – Anna Lunoe
  3. You’re The One For Me – Great Good Fine Ok
  4. Come Save Me (Flight Facilities Graceland Remix) – Jagwar Ma
  5. Another Love (Zwette Edit) – Tom Odell
  6. Hurricane (Cassian Remix) – Owl Eyes
  7. When The Night Is Over (CLAPTONE Remix) – The Magician
  8. Elastic Heart ft. The Weeknd & Diplo – Sia
  9. Sleepless Feat. Jezzabell Doran (Original Mix) – Flume
  10. Wrecking Ball (XOXO Remix) – Miley Cyrus
  11. Stay High (Tove Lo Flip) – Hippie Sabotage
  12. Gold (Original Mix) – Adventure Club
  13. Tennis Court (The Kite String Tangle Remix) – Lorde

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Bixel Boys – Black December EP

Bixel Boys - Black DecemberBixel Boys, the duo from Los Angeles, are back with a brand new EP titled “Black December” featuring two tracks, “Black December” and “Red October.” The two massive tracks are a bit different than what we are used to hearing from the duo, but of course consistent with their signature house sound. It’s nice to see some diversity. If you haven’t checked out their other tracks, make sure to head over to Soundcloud to scope them out. My favorite of theirs is “Ride” along with their remix of Kate Boy’s “The Way We Are.” Enjoy!

Bixel Boys – Black December

Bixel Boys – Red October

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The Wanted – We Own The Night (The...

The Wanted - We Own The Night(The Chainsmokers Remix)

Our boys The Chainsmokers are at it again. Drew and Alex have absolutely killed this remix of The Wanted‘s We Own The Night – transforming it into a perfect progressive house banger. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of The Wanted in general but The Chainsmokers have an incredible ability to transform entire songs and make them completely their own. You’re not going to want to miss this one, show them some love and get your paws on this remix. 

The Wanted – We Own The Night(The Chainsmokers Remix)

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Choose Your Flavor Vol. 1


Hello my friends of the world and the blogosphere! Today I bring to you something that I have not ever done. I plan on bringing you handcrafted SoundCloud sets of music that I’ve found over the last several weeks that I’ve found and either have not had the time to directly share, or just have been too lazy to do so. Regardless, this is Choose Your Flavor Vol. 1. It contains a variety of different genres. So open, select, download and enjoy any of the tracks that cater to your taste.

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Zedd – Stay The Night (Feat. Hayle...


We posted a preview of this on Facebook last week and have eagerly been awaiting the release of the official version.  We’re not gonna lie, “Clarity” is still bumped numerous times throughout the week here and I still don’t see it getting old any time in the near future but I think we might have found its follow up replacement.  With Hayley Williams of Paramore behind the vocals on this one, I could certainly see it becoming the next “Clarity,” maybe even bigger.  “Stay The Night” has got everything we’ve come to expect with a Zedd production.  It’s an uplifting, euphoric track with an immensely catchy chorus. Available September 24th, “Stay The Night” will be included in the deluxe version of Clarity along with four bonus tracks.  Available for pre-order via iTunes now. 

Zedd – Stay The Night (Feat. Hayley Williams)

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Stompa (DeSmet & Trevor Shawn Remix...

xxxStompa (DeSmet & Trevor Shawn Remix) - Serena Ryder

Got a massive, massive remix here for everyone today. Coming from DeSmet and Trevor Shawn is their version of Serena Ryder‘s Stompa. This deep house track is sure not to disappoint – In my opinion – sounds like Disclosure, Kastle and the like – but with it’s own unique feel. I love every minute of this track, with it’s tribal-esque dance beats, heavy synths, captivating melodies and vocals this track is sure to get stuck in that dome of yours. Make sure to show DeSmet and Trevor Shawn some love via the links below. Sex overload on this track. Enjoy

Stompa (DeSmet & Trevor Shawn Remix) – Serena Ryder

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Goldroom – Embrace EP

Goldroom - EmbraceAfter 3 years, Goldroom has finally released his much anticipated single “Embrace” that’s included in his second EP. Featuring beautiful female vocals from Ariela Jacobs,  “Embrace” is an incredible nu-disco house track that carries a really nice summer feel to it. Make sure to catch Goldroom LIVE in Santa Barbara, California November 7th at SOHO Music Club. More details to come soon. Enjoy!

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Empire of the Sun – DNA (Alex Metr...

Empire of the Sun - DNA (Alex Metric Remix)Now I have to say that everything Alex Metric touches turns to pure gold, and here is a prime example. Turning Empire of the Sun’s “DNA” into an uplifting house track, Metric added an exciting buildup, some firing house synths, all while building upon the vocals that make DNA such an amazing track. Enjoy. 

Empire of the Sun – DNA (Alex Metric Remix)

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