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Disclosure feat. AlunaGeorge – Whi...


I’ll be honest it took me a little while to warm up to this one, the original that is.  However, once I finally did I really haven’t been able to stop listening to it for about the past week.  “White Noise” is Disclosure’s latest jam featuring another rising English duo, AlunaGeorge.  I’ve been impressed by Disclosure’s ability to create their own sound to the point where you can immediately tell if it’s a Disclosure track, which is something that’s getting harder and harder to do in this day and age with vast amount of music being produced and similarities between artists we have now.  Hudson Mohawke just dropped his remix of the song, which I think is what lit the match that re-ignited my appreciation in it, which wasn’t necessarily there on first listen. Each of the artists featured here are high on my list of acts to watch out for this year.  So take note – DISCLOSURE, ALUNAGEORGE, HUDSON MOHAWKE #LOOKOUT.

White Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge)

White Noise (Hudson Mohawk Remix)


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Daft Punk – Make Love (HLM Remix)

Make Love (HLM Remix) - Daft Punk

Back when HLM did his version of Kaskade’s “Lesson’s In Love,” I was immediately struck by his ability to produce incredibly unique remixes. Taking even the most popular of songs,  shifting them, morphing them and pushing them into a sound that was uniquely HLM without destroying the greatness of the original. Believe it or not, he’s done it yet again; taking Daft Punk’s “Make Love” and building it into an amazing house track for all of us to enjoy yet again. It’s up for free on his Soundcloud, so go grab it!!!

Daft Punk – Make Love (HLM Remix)


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Big Chocolate – Blue Milk (Charity...

Big Chocolate - Blue Milk (Charity Strike Remix)

I am so stoked on this track right now, the boys at Charity Strike just released an absolutely MASSIVE house rendition of Blue Milk for Big Chocolate‘s remix competition. With a heavy bassline, massive drops and a FILTHY synth line, these gents are headed straight for the win. Make sure to vote for them over at Indaba to give them the respect & recognition they deserve for their work. Enjoy


Big Chocolate – Blue Milk (Charity Strike Remix)

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Avicii x Coldplay x Matthew Koma x Krewe...

I’m not usually a big advocate of mash-ups with more than a couple songs being mashed together but this compilation from Troika really turned out well.  I’ve really been on and off with house music lately but with something like this I’m reminded of why I first started enjoying it all those years ago.  Troika’s got some other good mixes I figured I’d throw in too.  Check ‘em out and be sure to like/follow his pages below to stay up to date with all his latest productions.

Teardrops (Troika Mashup)



What You Know (Troika Revox)

Oberfire (Troika Mashup)


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Laidback Luke ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn &#...

This song was first released back in 2011 and surprisingly I just discovered it. Known for spinning Tribal House, Peter Rauhofer is a DJ/ Producer coming out of Australia. He is well known for providing remixes to big names such as Madonna, Whitney Houston, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and many more. Obviously his talent is clearly shown in this house remix. Enjoy this spin on Till Tonight.

Laidback Luke – Till Tonight (Peter Rauhofer Remix)

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I Could Be The One (Nicktim) – Avi...

The long anticipated collaboration of EDM superstars Avicii and Nicky Romero has finally been released. Under the moniker Nicktim, this powerhouse duo has created one of the hottest house released of the year. Kicking off the end of 2012 and ushering 2013 in style – this tracks combines everything I love about both artists. Be prepared to get your ear-buds tantalized with this massive gem. Enjoy ;)

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I Could Be The One (Nicktim) – Avicii vs. Nicky Romero


Star Sessions Live Guest Mix – Sam...

DJ SB just released his latest house mix about three days ago and its the only thing I’ve been listening to. This kids mixes have always been pretty solid but he has definitely stepped his game up with this one. He eases the crowd into this mix with some great deep house sounds but turns the heat up about mid way through with those driving four on the floor bass lines, and complex percussion. Enjoy.

Star Sessions Live Guest Mix – Sam Birchenough (DJ SB)

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Peace of Mind – Hollidayrain

Definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. This is my favorite kind of mellow trance – ish electronic music. Though I think this music could possibly put me to sleep, I love it because it has that tinge of rhythm that keeps it form getting boring. Usually when I hear about Hollidayrain it is that he made a new remix of some sort, but it is even more exciting when an original like this comes up. Love this track. Enjoy.

Peace of Mind – Hollidayrain


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House/Trance/Dance Throwback Tracks (16 ...

I’ve been listening to house since I was a kid – I mean, who grew up in the 90s without jock jams and the years of classic dance anthems? My mom is a big EDM fan and she bought me all my first house mix albums when I was like, 12. So the other day I was flipping through my old CDs and I found some HUGE classics. I mean these are songs I haven’t heard in years and wow was it a flashback. I specifically remember 2004, 2007, and 2009 as really great years for house music (many of the 2009 tracks became famous club hits) and I thought I would compile some oldies (with a few trance-y hits too) into a post so you can either refresh your memory or make new memories with these jams.  Enjoy!

Deepest Blue– Deepest Blue

Dreamer– Livin Joy

Blue Water– Black Rock feat. Debra Andrew

Let's Get It Right (Club Mix)– Krystal K

Move for Me– Kaskade & Deadmau5

Fire– Ferry Corsten

Early – Sam Birchenough

I’ve featured Sam Birchenough once before on OHD and hes finally back with another great mix. Gracing us with his latest live house mix, Early really hits the spot. Its groovy, sexy and most important…its something you can dance to. Take a listen and head over to his Soundcloud for the download.

Early – Sam Birchenough


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[Dubstep] The Wildcat – Porter Rob...

First off, I think I should probably let you all hear the original before I get to the (much better in my opinion) remixes…

The Wildcat – Porter Robinson

Now I’ll show you some AMAZING remixes done of the original. You’re really gonna like what I’ve got for you here. First I’ve got a “re-lick” – whatever that means, I don’t know, but I like it – of Lazy Rich‘s remix (which I’ll show you after this) done by REL1 that is what actually turned me onto this track and the other remixes in the first place. Here’s the remix done by Lazy Rich I mentioned before. Lazy Rich is famous for his progressive / club remixes of just about anything that he can get his hands on. This time around he’s done it again and I must say that he’s does an absolutely phenomenal job of making it his own. Last, a spectacular bootleg done by DallasK combining original elements from The Wildcat but also flawlessly combining elements of Leave The World Behind by Swedish House Mafia. I’ll let the tracks sort of speak for themselves but you MUST hear them all. Enjoy!

The Wildcat (Lazy Rich Remix) (REL1 Re–Lick)

The Wildcat (Lazy Rich Remix)

Leave The Wildcat Behind (DallasK Bootleg)

Xenith/Big Gigantic/Spenca

I have no idea who this dude Xenith is (seriously there’s literally like nothing about him online) so I wont send you to his page quite yet. I’m sure If he keeps making beats like this we’ll start seeing his name more and more. Not very many songs these days can captivate me from the beginning and keep me interested, yet Xenith has done just that with the insanely mixed melodic vocals and a very hard hitting, yet mellow, bass. Another treat I have is coming your way from Colorado. Big Gigantic is a name that may ring some bells. For those of you who don’t know, they are a ‘Live-tronic’ jazz and hip-hop electro band.. They jam out with saxophones and electronic drum kits n shit… I’ve only heard legendary stories of their live shows. Can’t wait till I get to see what the hype is for myself. Lastly I have to lay down 2 tracks from a man named, Spenca. I had to put up both songs to show the diversity in this dudes arsenal. His ‘Superstition’ remix is a dance and house music gem. Aaron you’re going to love this shit. Anyway the main reason I’m putting Spenca up here is for his original mix ‘Do It Live’.  It’s genius. He uses a hilarious sound clip of Bill O’ Reilly losing his shit on some news cast from years ago..turn it up. enjoy!

Xenith – Feverish by Audiafauna (Xenith Remix)

Big Gigantic – Let's Go!

Do It Live by Spenca ft. Synclan

Superstition (Feat. Stevie Wonder)

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[Dance]About That Life (Charity Strike R...

The boys of Charity Strike continue to deliver with their newest and freshest remix of About That Life. The track by Diplo and Jahan Lennon was featured not too long ago here on OHD but its always refreshing to hear what people do to make the track their own. Phillip Scully and Mike Lisanti are very experienced producers and DJs respectively – and what they can deliver together in terms of originality and production value is hard to match. I’ll let their remix speak for itself – make sure to follow them on Facebook and SoundCloud and show them some love!

About That Life (Charity Strike Remix) – Diplo

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