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Check out this great video of Ribbon Bomb!

Video: Bixel Boys – Bring It On

In honor of March Madness, Bixel Boys have dropped their official video for “Bring it On” coming off their Sophmore EP. Carrying the same #FREELIFE mantra as portrayed in their “Black December” video, “Bring it On” spotlights the Michigan college basketball stars of the Fab Five who embodied this powerful mantra.

In conjunction with Bixel Boys 2nd visual and the NCAA Tournament, Bixel Boys invite you to join their “Bixel Vs. The World” Bracket Competition on ESPN.com ( es.pn/1lIFkGf ) :: The top 3 winners will score a variety of swag including; Merch, Tickets and some special yet-to-be-announced items.

[Update] Rumor of New Skrillex Album Releasing Today

skrillex alien talkRumors of a new Skrillex album dropping today have been flooding the internet. The speculation started after he updated his website with samples from never before heard songs (click on different parts of the alien to listen). On top of this, he released a new 130 mb app titled “Alien Ride” for both iOS and Android that contains a countdown along with a secret folder that is said to have 10 or so tracks with links to iTunes. The fact that the simple iOS app is 130 mb in size is a clear indication that there is something big hidden in there, aka an album.

The countdown on the app is currently at 2:40:00. So in close to three hours, we can either expect a new album from Skrillex or nothing at all. Much Excitement! Check back soon for more updates!

Update: After the countdown ended, a mini player appeared with the title “All Is Fair In Love And Brostep.” This song is reported to be Skrillex attempt at making fun of Zomboy for recreating his own songs and passing them off as his own.

Here is the first track:

2nd track titled “Recess”