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DJ Zoroaster Dubstep Remixes //

A friend of mine showed me these remixes (thank youu matti) by a producer who calls himself Zoroaster. Zoroaster is Keon Sheikvand coming from good ol’ sunny California :). He’s got some serious talent he seems to almost always be pumping out remixes and originals alike, so I recommend keeping an eye out for him if you like these tracks. Make sure to like him on Facebook, check his SoundCloud and follow him on Twitter. Links at the bottom of the post.
Anyway, this first one is a remix he did called Did It Again originally by Shakira feat. Kid Cudi. I think this is my favorite of the few I’ve heard so far. Enjoyy

Right Click to Download – Did It Again (Zoroaster Remix) – Shakira feat. Kid Cudi

This one is a remix of Angus & Julia Stone’s Big Jet Plane, Zoroaster does a good job on this one, he keeps the song pretty much untouched then adds a nice dubstep beat to it then DROPS hard. If you enjoy pretty heavy dubstep drops.. here’s your key. I think..

Right Click to Download – Big Jet Plane (Zoroaster Remix) – Angus and Julia Stone

Coldplay Remix here folks, 42.

Right Click to Download – 42 (Zoroaster Remix) – Coldplay

Zoroaster on Twitter
Zoroaster on Facebook
Zoroaster on Soundcloud

NO_ID – Sex Sells EP

Fresh from Miami, Michael Woods’ label Diffused Music continues to provide another massive EP.

This time from dutch giants NO_ID and their fabulous Sex Sells EP featuring 3 quality tracks full of energy and a fresh outlook. In their own words the guys philosy is very simple: In a world where identities are created and left behind within days, it is only the ones that choose not to be anything that can break loose from expectations… We do what we like, don’t assume anything, for identity calls for assumptions. Two individuals… Let the music speak for itself, open yourself to expect the unexpected.

The EP will be out April, 22nd. So check back then to get these amazing tracks. Cheers.

NO_ID – Sex Sells EP Diffused Music by wearenoid

No_ID on Souncloud

No_ID on Twitter

Lofticries – Purity Ring // Stay C...

Morning everyone :) Hope all’s well. Had to put up both of these tracks today for you, both are just.. so good.. This first one is called Lofticries by Purity Ring. It’s pretty mellow but has a great electronic feel to it. Kinda reminds me of Lykke Li or a mix between Phosphorescent and Ellie Goulding in a way. Either way, Enjoooy

Right Click to Download – Lofticries – Purity Ring

This second one comes from The Mashmaticians who we have featured here on OHD before. They’ve got really great mashups coming out almost all the time. This is a mashup of internet music sensation Ronald Jenkees’ track Stay Crunchy and Katy Perry’s E.T.. I know you won’t be disappointed with this one. Thanks to Nick for showing me this one :)

Right Click to Download – Stay Crunchy E.T. – The MashMaticians

Thrill Kill Way That You Move

Thrill Kill is bringing more heat with their second single “Way That You Move”. They have added more of a fatter sound to it. The track has a sexy disco/house vibe to it with funky male vocals. I’m personally a fan of the Supa Channel & Samuel Tagaro remix. This  remix gives the track a little bit more body, danceability and disco house feel. The Dayz & Knite remix also adds a completely different relaxing sound to the track. All three tracks are worth a listen. Cheers.
My Favorite:
Also: Check out a behind the scenes cover shoot for Asos with model Josephine de La Baume that featured Thrill Kill’s “Night Skys.”

HR8938 Cephei VS Strobe (DJ Romo Mashup)...

Afternoon ladies and gents :) Hope your week is beginning to somewhat wrap or you’ve got one day left! A good friend of mine began mixing and Djing up in Seattle recently and has consistently been in contact with me showing me his work and asking my opinion on tracks etc. Well, without telling me he posted a video(WATCH IT NOW) of him mashing Deadmau5’s Strobe and HR8938 Cephei and to be 100% completely honest with you, he floored me. You will NOT be disappointed with this one folks.

Little bio for ya: DJ Romo is Ross Beck, a 22 year old college student studying at Seattle Pacific University and has been musically inclined just about his entire life. Grew up playing every instrument listed under the sun and could pick up any instrument he felt inclined to merely mess around with. I even played music with him while we were growing up and this boy has some serious, raw and immeasurable talent. I’m ready to put down for this guy because I feel some serious talent coming from him. Keep your eye out. Links at the bottom of this page to his SoundCloud and Facebook

Right Click to Download – HR 8938 Cephei VS Strobe (DJ Romo Mashup) – Deadmau5

DJ Romo on Facebook
DJ Romo on SoundCloud

The Sound of Goodbye

I just dug this up this remix of Armin Van Buuren’s “The Sound of Goodbye” from my iTunes library today. I usually skip over music that was added over a year ago, but I was in one of those moods. Armin’s the man and this song is so addicting. Cheers.

The Sound Of Goodbye (EDX’s Indian Summer Vocal Remix) – Armin van Buuren