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I Go Away (The Oos & Ahhs Dubstep R...

Okay, this one became a hit for me almost instantaneously. I love the melodies that the original track by MNDR provides. Oos & Ahhs does an amazing job with keeping the dubstep light but just heavy enough. Epic chopped up vocals and synths also. I think you’ll like this one a lot! Let it get […]

When I’m Small (RAC Remix) // Elem...

Got two here for you. Both slightly different than each other but neither one should be turned down AT ALL. I’ve always been a fan of Phantogram’s original version of When I’m Small that it appears RAC recently decided to remix. Now, since I’ve also been a consistent fan of RAC it would make sense […]

Blessed Bass Mochi Beats

Here’s a brand new release from Mochi Beats. Both Davie and I have always been a fan of everything that Mochi Beats produces. His latest track is a mix of Avicii, Big Boi and vocals by Nicki Minaj, and if you ask me, that’s a pretty good fucking combo. Keep it coming Mochi Beats, your […]

Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix) // Zeds Dead

I don’t know how, but this Madeon track happened to slip through my fingers.. It was released a few days ago and somehow I managed to not notice it get dropped by Madeon himself. Which is really lame because he is definitely my favorite upcoming artist of 2011. His style is so extremely consistent, danceable […]

Afrojack // Chris Brown & Benny Ben...

MORNIN’ everyboooodyy! I’ve had both of the following tracks for a few days and have been literally just WAITING to post them. I really, really like both of them. 2011 is shaping up to be one hell of a great year for music.. with EDC starting to come right around the corner and Coachella happening […]

Smokey Robotic

Thanks to my cousin Mo for showing me Smokey Robotic. They became an almost instant hit with me and I have a slight feeling that they will be pretty popular with you as well!They have some very, very danceable songs and their lead vocalist’s voice draws you in and makes you want more and more. […]


Here’s one that was released a long long time ago, but I just recently discovered it and it’s definitely worth posting. This is the 15th release of Any Moor’s AVA Recordings label. Meighan Nealon comes in with soothing vocals at around 40 seconds and the track really gets going at 1:01. The track continues to […]