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and just one more

Not too sure where this one came from or why I enjoy it so much… but i do, and i don’t really care WHERE it came from but it’s mighty fine and makes driving on the 5 that much easier:)

Download – Revolution – Vibers feat. Tara McDonald (320 kbps)

And the new release by Deadmau5 which I find to be somewhat sexy. But only somewhat.

Let’s rephrase that.. It is sexy;) the mouse had to warm me up to it a little bit, that’s all.

Download – Get In The Cart, Pig – Deadmau5

Oh hi number 6

Wanna kick off the first post with a couple nice songs that I’ve been liking a lot. First off is Make Me Yours from an duo who came together to make a nice LP and released this single. Ryan Lewis is a photographer, producer and designer that calls Seattle his home, and he’s got some real nice trendy pics on his site.

I had the chance to listen to much of their other songs of their LP but this song definitely struck home for me. Catchy synth intro that carries strong through the song and even though I’m not a huge fan of rap, I’d say give this one a shot at least:)

P.S. If you go to his myspace here you can download the entire LP and many other tracks of his!














Download – Make Me Yours – Symmetry & Ryan Lewis

Now, I HAVE to urge you to listen to this song. Calvin’s original was a favorite of mine and this remix by Beat Thrillerz adds a nice beat while keeping the tenacity the song had to begin with. Check the video out too!

Download – Flashback (Beat Thrillerz Remix) – Calvin Harris