Futurecop! & Dskotek

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Got a few tracks here I’m particularly happy about right now… Not too sure why but I’m really, really into both of these!

A friend of mine told me about Futurecop! maybe over a year ago and I never really felt that drawn to them, but this remix by Silicone Project makes it 100x better in my opinion. It’s chuck full of epic synth progressions and a building driving beat behind it all! Enjoy :) :)

Download – Dreams (Silicone Project Remix) – Futurecop!

Source: ffffound.com

This next one is really good too! Definitely more dance oriented, and has a great riff that flies throughout the entire song – turn your speakers up and get lost in this epic track – Dskotek FTMFW

Download – If You Got It ft. Rick Elliss (Breekpunt ‘180-Degree’ Remix) – Dskotek