March 2012 Mix – Dirtyloud

If you read Freds post down there you know that Brazilians are on the up n up in the EDM scene. Im actually going to see Felguk tonight at the Avalon in Hollywood and im super excited..but something else im excited for is this March 2012 mix that the Brazilian duo Dirtyloud just dropped. It wasn’t long ago that I posted their 50.000 mix that they threw out into the world once they hit 50k likes on Facebook. Now they have 150,000 followers and that number continues to grow. I cant wait for these cats to roll through LA. If you like electro-house you’re going to love this mix.


March 2012 Mix – Dirtyloud

[audio:|titles=March 2012 Mix – Dirtyloud]

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Tommy says:

Oh shit, I was at the Felguk Avalon show too! Dirty as fuck, just like Dirtyloud