Youth Lagoon – Daydream (Noah Hyde Remix)


     I love Youth Lagoon‘s original “Daydream.” It’s just one of my favorite synthy dreamwave songs ever.  Every time I hear it I’m teleported to a forest and I imagine myself walking along a little river on a bright sunshiney day.  This Noah Hyde remix has just made it into my clutches and I’m happy to say it gives the song a nice cool new change of direction.  He provides a little electro-infusion and also manages to retain some of what I love from the original.  Not better, but different.

Daydream (Noah Hyde Remix)


The Original:



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Curren$y – New Jet City


New Jet City is officially one of the best mixtapes i’ve ever heard. Every single track on this tape deserves a listen.  Curren$y is climbing to the top of the rap game track by track.  Flying or fading, Curren$y satisfies.

Curren$y – Purple Haze (ft. Trinidad James & Lloyd)

Curren$y – Three 60 (ft. Juicy J)

Curren$y – Moe Chettah

Download the whole mixtape here, without those annoying Datpiff tags.

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It’s honestly been quite a while since I’ve posted anything even remotely trap-ish. I think I got burned out by it just as quickly as it became part of the scene and then instantly adopted by all the post-skrillex bro-step kids. Now, as they’re on their way out (hopefully) we can get back to what trap was all about. Keys N Krates has just done that for me with this raw, bone penetrating beat remix of “Clique.” This for me, is what trap is all about and I think many of you will enjoy finding this gem amongst all the shi* trap out there now.


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Big Chocolate – Blue Milk (Charity Strike Remix)

Big Chocolate - Blue Milk (Charity Strike Remix)

I am so stoked on this track right now, the boys at Charity Strike just released an absolutely MASSIVE house rendition of Blue Milk for Big Chocolate‘s remix competition. With a heavy bassline, massive drops and a FILTHY synth line, these gents are headed straight for the win. Make sure to vote for them over at Indaba to give them the respect & recognition they deserve for their work. Enjoy


Big Chocolate – Blue Milk (Charity Strike Remix)

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Curren$y – Choosin’ (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Rick Ross)


Curren$y is absolutely sick.  It seems he can only get better and better.  He’s one of the most consistent rappers out there; in my opinion he’s never produced a bad track.  This song is from his upcoming mixtape New Jet City set to be released Febuary 3rd, which I personally can’t wait for.  This mixtape is set to feature rappers like Trinidad Jame$ and JadakissChoosin’, straight from the mixtape, has an amazing supporting cast of Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross which already means this song deserves a listen.

Curren$y – Choosin' (ft. Wiz Khalifa & Rick Ross)

Rameses B – I Need You (Skye Remix)

Rameses B - I Need You (Skye Remix)

You know, I really love a good chill track… Especially when it beautifully, no flawlessly combines an electronic base on which it it built. I stumbled across this absolutely unbeatable remix of Rameses B‘s I Need You that was submitted for his ongoing remix competition. Skye delivered in ways that I was NOT expecting at all and I really think that many of you will love what he did here. If you like it, show Skye a little love on SoundCloud by commenting!

Rameses B – I Need You (Skye Remix)

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Jakwob – Fade (Feat. Maiday)

Fade (Featuring Maiday) - Jakwob

My old-time favorite British mastermind producer Jakwob just dropped this single off his upcoming EP of the same title, ‘Fade.’ I’ve loved everything that he’s produced in the past from dubstep remixes to DnB influenced chillstep, and this single is no different. With beautiful vocal support from Maiday to create an etherial and incredibly memorable track that jetset his EP to the top of my most anticipated albums of 2013. Enjoy

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Jakwob – Fade (Feat. Maiday)

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Feed Me – Death By Robot EP

We’ve been big fans of Feed Me from the get go and I’m happy to say that today, Feed Me has released his brand new EP called Death By Robot - an incredible contribution to the electro-house scene. Jon Gooch, as he is known by his friends and family has done it yet again. With the single of the EP (Death By Robot) being somewhat upbeat and catchy to kicking it off with Gravel, a hard-hitting, filthy and yet beautifully composed 6 minute gem. Yet somehow, I don’t think the EP title could be any more informative on how it might sound. Here it is! Enjoy.

Death By Robot (Original Mix)

Dialup Days (Original Mix)

Dialup Days (Original Mix)

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