We Are Young (D’ANCONIA REMIX) ...

Just in time for summer, D’ANCONIA has released an uplifting remix of We Are Young that will leave you craving some serious beach time. I have to say that D’ANCONIA is one of my favorite up and coming DJ/Producer; he is constantly spitting out new tracks, and they’re always of top quality. See for yourself, this rendition is really well put together, and probably one of my favorite of his thus far. Enjoy.


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3LAU HAUS # 1 – 3LAU

Not only is Justin Blau (3LAU) once again outdoing himself, but he has recently been going the extra mile; doing things others in the music industry are not. As many of you may know his newest track “Back To New” was realsed on April 30th, and is now available on beatport. What many of you may not know, is that Justin has made a personal promise; a promise that all the proceeds from the new release will go straight to the Pencils of Promise foundation to help build schools, and to fund education from the ground up in underdeveloped countries. His vision is to raise $25,000. Moreover Justin has promised that every dollar that is made, he will match it with the money from his own pocket; hopefully raising $50,000, or more going towards the cause. Five minutes of your time could mean one child’s educational future. So head over to beatport and check it out!

On another note, he is also starting a new month-to-month remix set. This one being the first of them. Listening to it in segments will not do it justice; i recommend one good play through, for the full effect. This mix is nothing short of spectacular, i promise you. I have been without any new 3LAU updates for quite some time now, and this filled that void inside me. I hope it does the same for you :)


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True Dubstep Thursdays #2

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]oo yah, Thursday already! Each week will be something different, I like to mix it up, so expect the unexpected. This week I’ve gathered nine tunes and broke them down into three categories. First being the Chill side of dubstep, what I like to think gives you good vibes and happy thoughts. A-List, a production duo, Tommy Impey & Sean Graham based in Newcastle & London deliver a stunning track called ‘Utopia’ sending great vibes the entire length. Five star rating all around! You may or may not have heard the classic ‘Sunshine’ by Ruckspin & Quark. Either way its here now, a beautiful track with great vocals, a masterpiece really. ‘Hydration Dub’ by DJG almost has a little reggae feel to it, very chill and relaxing in my books.


Utopia – A-List

Sunshine – Ruckspin & Quark

Hydration Dub – DJG


These next tunes aren’t so relaxing… KLRGRM, Persist,  & Tetsuo aka MuK make some pretty filthy shit. All originals made by them are just madness, so here’s one from each of them, distinguishing their styles and how most of their tracks sound.

KillerCo – KLRGRM

Blam – Persist

Zup Zup (VIP) – Tetsuo


I’ve also got some Grime to share with you today. Mystry – G Mode (Ft. Doctor) is probably this weeks biggest track. Handed out for free from the MONSTERS themselves, an alliance formed in 2011 by Shiverz, AD and Curzed all from Croydon the birthplace of dubstep.  They set out to bring something new to scene, mixing up exclusive tracks and rinsing them out on their infamous monsters mix episodes.  As they grew in popularity, they decided to bring more members on board, Producers & MC’s! Today the Monsters crew is surrounded by nothing more than the realest heads out there pushing the scene how it should be, so you know its a massive track coming from these guys, and maybe I forgot to mention A-List is a part of Monsters : ) You will definitely hear more about these guys in my future posts. I’m not even going to talk about this Swindle track, just hit the play button. Ill see you guys next week! Enjoy.

Ignition (Ft. Footsie) – Swindle

Futurian (Ft. Big Narstie) – Dexplicit

G Mode (Ft. Doctor) – Mystry


Hook (Charity Strike Remix) – Joac...

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]at’s off for this massive drop everyone. Charity Strike releases their remix of Joachim Garraud & Alesia‘s track “Hook” and take it to a deep and dirty place that you never knew could be done. Charity Strike are duo DJ/Producer mastermind’s Mike Lisanti & Philip Scully. Both teamed up to create a dubstep remix unlike anything I’ve been hearing lately with the nastiest drops that will knock you the fuck out. Make sure to check their SoundCloud and OHD for their future releases – We will be working closely with them to get you connected to their music before anyone else.

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Tuesday Mix-Up #5

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ood evening everyone! Sorry for the late post… Been quite the week for me over here, with work and school and fluctuations in weather that led to the downfall of my health in such a way that I feel like I’ve been MIA since like last week. Good to be back and fuuuuu do I have some music for you. I think I’m going to keep the posts on under 10 track maximum because when there’s more it’s really hard to get anything out of my posts unless you’re on Earmilk and have all the time in the world. Hope your week has been good … now the countdown for summer begins.

1. I think that this is probably my favorite track from the last week. The Bॐb Squad does an amazing job remixing this already amazing track.

You Got The Love (The Bॐb Squad) – Florence & The Machine

2. Another spectacular dubstep remix here for you guys. I don’t know who decided to remix Bob Marley with dubstep but again, fits into the craze of dubstep and reggae coming together.

Sun Is Shining (Brand Blank Dubstep Remix) – Bob Marley

3. Alright, you caught me. Definitely not a new track, but it caught my … ear… recently. Maybe you’ll like this little flashback as much as I did.

Cult Logic – Miike Snow

4. The more I listen to glitch.. the more I like it. Cryptex (SoundCloud) does an amazing job splicing and cutting these tracks into one hell of a listen. Probably not your standard dancefloor issue but a great listen.

Sometimes (Cryptex Reglitch) – Pretty Lights vs. Avicii

5. First mashup/remix that I’ve heard released with Purity Ring’s Obedear that Blake featured here on OHD just a few days ago. Also amazing.

Pesobedear – The Hood Internet

6. This is an incredible mashup. Mighty Mike takes a track that I haven’t heard since the 90s and mashes it literally flawlessly with M80’s Midnight City. Appreciate the mashhhh

City Down Under – Mighty Mike

7. Now this IS would definitely be standard dancefloor issue. This track screams club. Love this mix for that very reason, makes you want to get up and dance.

Chasing The Sun (Mario Larrea Club Mix) – The Wanted

8. Maybe I should just call these posts Tuesday Mashups… lots of mashups lately. Sorry if you don’t like them because I really do. This however, is no mashup. Just an unbeatable remix of Busta Rhymes.

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (Cheapshot Remix) – Busta Rhymes


Chill Mix Vol. I

This post is a bit different than what most of you are used to hearing on the blog.  To be honest I haven’t been that much into all the mainstream EDM that’s been flying around lately, not that I still don’t appreciate it, I’ve just been turning my ear to other genres as of late.  More specifically, some of the other smaller sub-genres associated with EDM.  I am all about discovering hidden talents and under-appreciated artists and trying to give them some of the attention they deserve.  Here are a group of different artists from a wide scale of genres that I’ve taken an interest in lately.  Songs ranging from trap, to dark/chill wave, to a genre I don’t even know what to call it with Celista‘s “Brooklyn” (Organic maybe?) that  have recently found their way into my clutches and now into your speakers.  Enjoy.


Fiona Apple – Every Single Night (Djemba Djemba Remix)

Mike Landry – Heartbeat

Cube Face – Drop

Kastle – Stay Forever

Labrinth – Climb On Board (Azedia Remix)

Celista – Brooklyn

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Beautiful World- Tiesto feat. Mark Knigh...

I got super excited when I saw that the remixes were released of literally one of my FAVORITE house jams (definitely a fav of recent Tiesto) with “Beautiful World” Tiesto feat. Mark Knight. What was even better was that the featured releases were by Laidback Luke, Michael Woods, & Tom Starr, all of which are favorites among OHD archives. I have to say that the classic original mix of this song will forever remind me of my Ultrafest days and is still an anthem on any playlist of mine, but the remixes offer a new take on a jam most of you have already learned to love. Hope you like!

To Download, Purchase on Beatport

Beautiful World (Original Club Mix) – Tiesto & Mark Knight ft. Dino

To Download, Purchase on Beatport

Beautiful World (Michael Woods Remix) – Tiesto & Mark Knight ft. Dino

Reasons (feat. Andrew Allen) – Pro...

I just fell in love with this song about a week ago although it has been leaked for a while now, and being a big Project 46 fan I would expect nothing less. There is no doubt why this track has hit number one on Beatport in the past few days, creeping a few spots up every day. The piano baseline makes for such a smooth tune throughout with easy vocals and a nice slick buildup done beautifully by Andrew Allen. I’m always down for sick male vocals and this reminds me of some of the old Above and Beyond work that I miss so much.  For the Progressive ear, this is absolutely impressive. This song deserves a big fuck yeah and multiple repeats that I can see happening all summer. Enjoy xoxo!

Reasons (feat. Andrew Allen) – Project 46

To Download, Purchase on Beatport

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Never Ever – Anita Kelsey ft. Tom ...

Oh hey hello! Though this track was originally released in 2006; it has been one I have kept coming back to again and again in the last year or so, ever since my friend Harry exposed me too it. So for those of you who are also not familiar with this one, now is your chance to do so. The epic synth beat, accompanied by Anita Kelseys’ stunning vocals, really do the trick. The over all essence of the song feels like it lifts you up and out into another world. Definitely has an “I Remember” – Deadmau5 feel to it. Anyway so the next time you have a spare minute and need to kick back and relax for a minute; crank up the volume, close you eyes, and let this song take you away.


Never Ever – Anita Kelsey ft. Tom Tom Le Chevalier

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Pixel Loss // One Click Bangarang –...

Here are two great ways to start the weekend! Both of these epic mashups are full of energy, and a great symphony of sounds; which make them  both really enjoyable. Also the drops in both of these are really dirty. Its awesome. Matt Fox did an amazing job throwing these two together. Though he did release a few other new tracks I decided these two were the most noteworthy. I am definetly going to keep an eye out for more of Matt Foxs’ work. After checking out his youtube channel I found myself replaying all his songs over, and over. Turn the volume up for these ones guys!


Pixeloss (Matt Fox Mashup) – Skrillex feat Sirah vs. Feed Me

One Click Bangarang (Matt Fox Mashup) – Darth & Vader Vs Deadmau5 & Feed Me

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Transformers (Sammy Bananas Strobelight ...

This just in. The Futurecop and Sammy Bananas remix of “Transformers” is ill. I have always noticed that some of my favorite tracks are accompanied by female vocals. Something about that voice does it for me, and this one is no exception. The up and coming DJ from Brooklyn, Sammy Bananas, is living up to his already established reputation, by throwing together some great mixes, and tracks that disregard the mainstream flow, and stay true to good old fashion electronic music. This one is a perfect example. So let this playful, feel-good track take you through your day.

Transformers (Sammy Bananas Strobelight Remix) – Futurecop


This second one also really stood out. The original “Im Glad You Came” by The Wanted really blew up a while back. However this mellowed out version, put together by Mashup Germany makes it different enough for it to stand out on its own. Mashup Germany constantly puts out amazing music, which makes it hard sometimes to pick out the best of the best. Hope this one does the trick. If you’re into it follow their music. Like I said, they are constantly putting out awesome jams.

Im Glad You Came – Mashup Germany

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Do Harder Be Faster (TheFatRat’s S...

I have a huge soft spot for anything Daft Punk, they were the first electronic group I really got into in the late 90s….fuck now that I think about it Homework was the first album I ever bought back in elementary school. I guess all the happy to be hardcore stuff being thrown around back then was just a little too hardcore for me haha. Anyway, when I saw this mashup by TheFatRat I couldn’t wait to hear it. TheFatRat has been gaining huge recognition for all of his remixes but this mashup of Daft Punks Harder Better Faster Stronger and his own Do Be Do Be Do has to be one of his best. I cant think of anything better than some Daft Punk vocals and dope electro drops to start my day.


Do Harder Be Faster (Skinny Dip Mashup) – TheFatRat vs Daft Punk

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Closer Rev. 2 – Deadmau5

I was a huge fan of Deadmau5’s Closer but hes just given us a second adaptation titled Closer Rev. 2. His intro still starts with those synths from Steven Spielbergs Close Encounter Of The Third Kind (minus the vocal sample) and builds into an upbeat progressive house tune. You can head over to the original here to compare. Which do you like better?

Closer Rev.2 by fuckmylife

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