President Evil (F.O.O.L Remix) – Beef Theatre

HHEEYYOOOO, Ive been losing my mind trying to get work done today but theres always time for a good remix. As promised I have Fuck Our Ordinary Lives remix of Beef Theatre’s President Evil. Check out the original track here. I don’t know what it is about all these duos poppin up everywhere but theyre all fuckin killin it. F.O.O.L has been on the scene for about three years now and become know for their hard and melodic electro sound. This remix of President Evil hits just as hard as the original with some of that Fuck Our Ordinary Lives flare. These two are true orchestral geniuses. Take a listen and be sure to click the links after the jump and SUPPORT!!


To Download -> Beatport

BONUS: Got another F.O.O.L track for your enjoyment. They describe this track as “Walking tempo chillout glitch electro”. This track is a bit more downtempo but still hits super hard. Just watch for the drop at 0:52.

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