Artist Feature: Supertrail EP – SAVOY

Thanks to one of my close friends who happened to share this amazing dubstep/ electro house EP coming from SAVOY I am proud and happy to share it with you today. SAVOY is a Brooklyn based group that just released their EP Supertrail. Featuring vocals by Heather Bright on a few of the tracks, this is an EP you’re going to want to check out. The production reminds me of something the likes of Knife Party or Feed Me. Here are just a few of my favorites, and they’re sooo good. Enjoy!

Probably one of the best electro-house tracks that I’ve heard in a looooong time….

Devil's On Horseback – SAVOY

Baby you just want what you can’t have
Never once tried playing this for keeps
Cuz baby you just want what you can’t have
And no you can’t have me
This thing you never had, thats why you want it so bad

So Bad (SAVOY & Heather Bright) – SAVOY

Download the ENTIRE EP HERE

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