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ooh yaah there we go..

I loveeee finding new tracks that instantly hit home with me. These two tracks have definitely accomplished that for me. Never heard of the Freemason’s but I’m glad I have now and I’m thinking that you should probably check them out too. This track is definitely very, very feel-good and makes me wanna jump outta my seat and fuckin’ jam. It’s called Believer, featuring epic vocalist Wynter Gordon.

Download - Believer (Summer Of Pride Radio Edit) – Freemasons ft. Wynter Gordon

This song I came across a couple days ago and I’ve been going back into my itunes to play it over and over and over. (Soundcloud baby… hit it —>) Gigamesh knows that the hell is going on and knows how the hell to make one hell of an epic remix. Hell.

Download – Ladykiller (Gigamesh Remix) – White Sea


LBCK’s record label Metcalf Talent Collective contacted OHD yesterday to help them promote LBCK’s ‘European Adventure’ Tour Video and to promote their tour by promoting their song Lift You Up. I’ve been quite the fan of LBCK’s and we are more than happy to provide support where necessary and so should you :)

Download – Lift You Up – LBCK

LBCK hails from Long Beach CA and is comprised of electro-duo Alex Noble and Luigi III. The name LBCK is an acronym for Long Beach City Kids and their style fuses electronic dance with epic disco dance beats. Check LBCK’s soundcloud and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more releases by LBCK.

check out their ‘European Adventure’ tour video here:

LBCK ‘European Adventure’ Tour Video from LBCK on Vimeo.

Futurecop!, Thrill Kill & Monsieur ...

Hope everyone’s weekend went well! I had an epic one with my friends and celebrating a friends 21st. Stumbled across a couple gems over the weekend that I think that you will like as much as I do. To start you off, here’s one by Thrill Kill that’s very nu-discoy and I’m really, really digging it.

Download – Night Skys (Original Mix) – Thrill Kill

I’ve been a fan of Futurecop!’s for quite some time now, and even posted up some other tunes of their’s on OHD here. Following Futurecop! protocol, this one’s full of epic flying synths and vocals. They mixed it up slightly with a nice, light rap through the middle of the track which I’m really liking too. Enjoy!

Download – Starworshipper – Futurecop!

And of course Monsieur Adi HAS to get into this mix. Forever a fan of Monsieur Adi… He posted this song up on his soundcloud just a couple days ago and I’m VERY into it. Nicki Minaj’s vocals are perfect and MA’s beat is even better. Dance to this one for sure.

Download – Moment For Life (Monsieur Adi Remix) – Nicki Minaj


Feels good to finally say that the week is over. Here are three tracks to keep you smiling throughout your weekend. I love the mood “Dancing With The DJ” puts me in, just happy happy happy :D. Cheers.


Download – Dancing With The DJ – The Knocks


Download – Hey Sexy Lady (Laidback Luke Remix) – iSquare

Here’s a serious mashup from Kap Slap.  Flux Pavilion’s “Cracks” meets Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” meets Lil Wayne’s “Drop the World.” Pretty good compilation if you ask me.


Download – Flux Monsters – Kap Slap

Restlessness &

Here we go. This is what I’m talking about! I’ve been wanting to post up a couple progressive tracks that were shown to me by a dedicated OHD fan that contacted us after discovering us online! I’ve always been a fan of progressive and trance tracks and for those of you who are as well, these are for you. Special shout out to Sarah for recommending some of these to me and expressing to me what she felt I should post! Thanks Sarah :).

This first track was released by Markus Schulz & Armada Music on January 22 so I apologize for being a little behind on the release. It’s extremely danceable and the vocals are mighhhtttyyy sexy so ENJOY

Download – Another Day (Original Mix Edit) – Markus Schulz & DNS Project feat. Madelin Zero

Another mix…

Download – Another Day – DNS Project feat. Madelin Zero

This next track I’ve had for some time but I kind of feel like it will be a timeless classic for me, and apparently it is for Sarah too! Called Restlessness by Bastien Laval featuring Layla. I’ve got two mixes for you today, the original and the Club Edit, both of which are worthy of your time and your download.

Download – Restlessness (Original Edit) – Bastien Laval Feat. Layla

Download – Restlessness (Club Mix) – Bastien Laval feat. Layla

Musik 4 Lokos

It happens all the time… The weekend rolls around, drinks come out and people typically throw on shitty music. Well I got a solution for all of you that (I hope) will make everyone happy, and ready to rage. Here’s two 40 minute long tracks titled “”A New Definition of Fire” and “Thirsty Thursday” by Musik 4 Lokos, a DJ group compromised of 2 USC students. Throw these on at the next party and check them out on facebook here and on soundcloud here. Remember everyone: “You can ban great party drinks, but not great party musik.” Cheers.

Right Click to Download – A New Definition of Fire – Musik 4 Lokos

Right Click to Download – Thirsty Thursdays – Musik 4 Lokos


OK. Got a huge one for you here. This guy – Skywalkerr – is the fucking man. Now, I’ve never actually heard his recorded stuff but I’ve been to parties (the most epic dance parties) where he spins some of the dirtiest, sexy dubstep dance tracks that I’ve heard. Went to high school with this chad and let’s just say he knows what the fuck he’s doing. Hails from Santa Barbara but currently resides in Boulder, CO and is spinning at events like mad. Make sure to like his Facebook page and check out some more of his tracks on Soundcloud here.

Also, he’s opening up for NiT GriT at Cervantes’ Masterpiece February 10th. For more information check the event here.

The man himself:

This first track is called Jordan’s Feelin’ Too Good. I’m REALLY into this one, the transitions are flawless and the beat is never ending. Enjoy this sexy 35 minute number ;).

Jordan’s Feelin’ Too Good by Skywalkerr

oh, and one more. Just for kicks. Make sure to keep your eye out for more of Skywalkerr here on OHD. He informed me that he’s got some original tracks coming out in the next few weeks and he will definitely be here.

breakin up some electrooo short mix by Skywalkerr

epic saturdays – – –

heyooooo, got some fresh ones here for you all. i’ve had an epic weekend and i hope you have had one too! To kick things off (before I hit up kyoto to go sake bombing eyoo), stumbled across Australian based 96 Bulls which I’m really enjoying.. Don’t have any originals of theirs but the remixes they did are phenomenal examples of indie dance and nudisco pleasure. Make sure to check out ’96 Bulls on soundcloud here.


This first is a remix of Miami Horror’s I Look To You - enjoy.

Download – I Look To You (’96 Bulls Remix) – Miami Horror

Download – Rock It (’96 Bulls Remix) – Little Red


This next one comes from one of my personal favorite groups  – Bit Funk. They are super consistent with pumping out sexy disco dance beats that I always enjoy. This is an original of theirs released just a few weeks ago.. Hope you like it just as much as I do and check their soundcloud for more awesome tracks here.

Download – 9 Iron – Bit Funk