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No Beef Feels So Close – Joey Beatz (ft. Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Miss Palmer)

I hope everyone had a great week and is ready for the weekend! I got a good one for you to kick off any sort of party that you may be having/attending… When I first heard Calvin Harris’ Feel So Close, I really wasn’t impressed, and I didn’t understand the hype. Coming across a few remixes( Nero’s is my favorite) of the track, I have grown to like it. I actually just recently found this mashup and it’s quickly made it’s way to my top 25. This hard hitter includes Steve Aoki, Afrojack, and Miss Palmer–great combination, huh?

No Beef Feels So Close – Joey Beatz (ft. Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Miss Palmer)


This one probably deserves it’s own post, but I’d rather just include it in this one :). For those of you who like very synthy electronic songs with no vocals that pump you up, this one’s for you. Great track to exercise to. Enjoy!

Calling (Original Instrumental Mix) – Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso

Don’t Stop Kissing (Kaskade Mash Up) // Invisible (Kaskade Remix)

Morning folks – I wanna kick today off strong for you! And to do just that I’ve compiled two recent releases from Kaskade. I have seriously been a non-stop fan of Kaskade’s since day 1 because of his impeccable taste in beats and more importantly, female vocalists. For some reason, I LOVE electronic dance songs with the right female vocalists.. It changes a song from being good to absolutely GREAT. This first song I’ve got for you today, is an official Mashup coming from the man himself.. mixing Don’t Stop Dancing – one of his most played and recognized tracks today and Alex Gaudino’s Kissed. Check this massive kicker here — NOW.

Right Click to Download – Don’t Stop Kissing (Kaskade Mash Up) – Kaskade & EDX vs. Alex Gaudino

/// I’m gonna let Dro take over on this post and share with you yet ANOTHER amazing track coming from Kaskade\\\

I can totally agree with Davie in saying that I too, am a HUGE fan of Kaskade. He takes a stab at Skylar Grey’s lead single Invisible and needless to say, he fucking kills it. The intro to this track threw me off a little bit but once it warms up and those vocals drop it really brings this house track to life…WOW. Some dark underlying tones and those all so familiar synths really make this one shine. Check it out and as always…ENJOY!

















Right Click to Download – Invisible (Kaskade Remix) – Skylar Grey


RAC.. again :)

RAC (The Remix Artist’s Collective) has been a favorite group of mine for quite some time now. Their remixes are always pretty damn consistent and… at least their sound is too :) I think that in general, their most recent remixes are all pretty calm – nothing too trendy or too heavy. just nice electro enjoyment. This track is a remix of Phoenix’s Armistice. I really enjoy it.. Phoenix always does have nice vocals!

Download – Armistice (RAC Remix) – Phoenix