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Feels good to finally say that the week is over. Here are three tracks to keep you smiling throughout your weekend. I love the mood “Dancing With The DJ” puts me in, just happy happy happy :D. Cheers. source: Download – Dancing With The DJ – The Knocks source: Download – Hey Sexy Lady (Laidback […]

Restlessness &

Here we go. This is what I’m talking about! I’ve been wanting to post up a couple progressive tracks that were shown to me by a dedicated OHD fan that contacted us after discovering us online! I’ve always been a fan of progressive and trance tracks and for those of you who are as well, […]

Musik 4 Lokos

It happens all the time… The weekend rolls around, drinks come out and people typically throw on shitty music. Well I got a solution for all of you that (I hope) will make everyone happy, and ready to rage. Here’s two 40 minute long tracks titled “”A New Definition of Fire” and “Thirsty Thursday” by […]


OK. Got a huge one for you here. This guy – Skywalkerr – is the fucking man. Now, I’ve never actually heard his recorded stuff but I’ve been to parties (the most epic dance parties) where he spins some of the dirtiest, sexy dubstep dance tracks that I’ve heard. Went to high school with this […]

epic saturdays – – –

heyooooo, got some fresh ones here for you all. i’ve had an epic weekend and i hope you have had one too! To kick things off (before I hit up kyoto to go sake bombing eyoo), stumbled across Australian based 96 Bulls which I’m really enjoying.. Don’t have any originals of theirs but the remixes […]

Eyo, here we Go

Hey all you funki hoes :) school started for me today and I’m pretty stoked for this semester.. should be a good one with an epic summer lurking just around the corner and Coachella lurking even closer than that – SUPER excited for all that trendy shit. OHD is going well, and thank you all […]

Bundle of Tracks

School just started and I’ve got a bunch of time on my hands since there is no homework, so I decided to go on a music searching journey. I came back with some good tracks for you to kick off the week. Cheers. Download- Rocket Man – Myndset Download- Hold It Against Me (DJ Kue Remix) – […]

Beautiful Saturday

Weather is nice, got a good day planned, life can’t get much better. Here are a few tracks I came across while looking through soundcloud. Hope you enjoy and sorry you can’t download them. If you really like them, go out at purchase them! Cheers. Je me souviens (Paul Remix) by Walter Sobcek Lisi Lake […]