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Yelle <[^.^<]

I’ve been wanting to post some songs by Yelle for quite some time, and they are a little bit on the older side but I don’t really give a fuck and I think they deserve a little shout. They make me want to do what he ^^ is doing up there. The first song is their single that was released about a month ago or so (around the time we were starting up OHD), it’s called La Musique.

Download – La Musique – Yelle

[audio:|titles=La Musique – Yelle]

Now this song, called Ce Jeu, has been one of my favorites for quite a while now… Nothing brings back memories of summer, dancing, partying and epic times like this song does. enyoi

Download – Ce Jeu – Yelle

[audio:|titles=Ce Jeu – Yelle]

Mmm… Beats..

A few weeks ago now, Tum posted up the Chuckie remix of Pendulum’s Witchcraft. I happened to stumble upon another remix of the same song that I’m really into, it’s remixed by Netsky and has some nice falling and rising synths with a real nice progressive drum beat. Hope you like..

Download – Witchcraft (Netsky Remix) – Pendulum

[audio:|titles=Witchcraft (Netsky Remix) – Pendulum]

Have one more for you all, Enjoyyy KKKK????? House track foshoo –( that means give it some time iiight? )

Download – Break My World (Original Mix) – Micha Moor & Epiphony

[audio:|titles=Break My World (Original Mix) – Micha Moor & Epiphony]


Haven’t heard too much from Shinichi, but I really like this one. The guys is slowly becoming more and more recognized in the electronica world– his style is very unique, nothing I’m used to listening too. The track is nice and bouncy, rising and falling synths keep me happy :). Enjoy this one. Cheers.

Download – Zingaro (Fabian Remix) – Shinichi Osawa

[audio:|titles=Zingaro (Fabian Remix) – Shinichi Osawa]

Ellie Goulding

Hi everyonez :) Hope your Sunday morning is going well and isn’t too cold! Its a fucking amazing 75 degrees ++ here and I’ll be heading down to the beach in t-minus 10 minutes to get some much needed December rays.

Before I do so, wanted to post this original track by Ellie called Lights!. I’m sure some of you have already heard it but I’ve been digging it for a while now and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Download – Lights – Ellie Goulding

[audio:|titles=Lights – Ellie Goulding]

This next one is featuring Ellie Goulding by Neon Hitch playing a cover of What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club called What Starry Eyes Know (because it slightly incorporates Ellie’s Starry Eyed). Bit on the older side of a song for the blogosphere and myself but also worth a listen :) Enjoy!

Download – What Starry Eyes Know (Two Door Cinema Club vs. Ellie Goulding – Neon Hitch

[audio:|titles=What Starry Eyes Know (Two Door Cinema Club vs. Ellie Goulding – Neon Hitch]

It’s Raining Kaskade!

Got two from Kaskade today! I have never been disappointed with any of Kaskade’s tracks, and wow is this one just simply amazing– every second of the song is beautiful and so catchy! So progressive, and now in an extended mix(thanks to SunSun).

Raining(Extended Mix) – Kaskade, Adam K & SunSun


Here’s another remix from Kaskade and Late Night Alumni! I’m sure you’ve all heard “Another chance” by Roger Sanchez. Well this mix is so much better! Enjoy!

Download – Another Chance (Kaskade Homage to Roger Remix) – Late Night Alumni


Bonus, if you’re in need of some house.

NYPD (Funkerman Remix) – Dj Delicious & Till West


Flashback Fridayz

Alright ladies and gentlemen, can’t believe finals are over for me and it’s already time for another flashback. So I chose two songs for this weeks flashback and they really are a HUGE flashback for me, bringing back epic memories of partying with friends and blackouts :). The first one, Tum and I found a few years back called Out & There (Dim Chris Remix) by John Dahlback…

Download – Out and There (Dim Chris Remix) – John Dahlback

[audio:|titles=Out and There (Dim Chris Remix) – John Dahlback]

This second song is my definite favorite of the two and comes from Kaskade’s album released in 2009 called The Grand. Enjoy it as much as I have, I KNOW you will. :) Happy Flashbacks.

Download – Angel On My Shoulder (EDX’s Belo Horizonte At Night Remix – (Kaskade & Tamra)

[audio:|titles=Angel On My Shoulder (EDX’s Belo Horizonte At Night Remix – (Kaskade & Tamra)]

Fred Falke

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I used to kind of dig Katy Perry and her song “I Kissed a Girl”, but really haven’t liked anything of hers since then… Fred Falke always nails his remixes, and this one is definitely one of his gems. I’m particularly  obsessed with the intro to this track–the build up to her voice get’s me every time (I’ve replayed the intro about 20 times). Oh yeah, the hard hitting bass lines are also quite enjoyable too :). Enjoy!

Download – Firework (Fred Falke Remix) – Katy Perry


Morgan Page & Nadia Ali

Morning everyone :). Last night, while I was surfing the blogosphere I came across this Morgan Page remix of Nadia Ali’s Fantasy. It’s pretty progressive but, as with other Morgan Page remixes (Alligator) his beats keep you going for the entire 8 minutes that is the length of the song. Nadia Ali’s smooth vocals are absolutely stunning in this track and as it turns out, Page has been nominated for a Grammy for this very track. Give it the time it needs to pick up, like 1 – 2 minutes OKAY?

Very well deserved in my opinion.. Now, ENJOY

Download – Fantasy (Morgan Page Remix) – Nadia Ali

[audio:|titles=Fantasy (Morgan Page Remix) – Nadia Ali]

The Beatles…remixed!

I never thought I would come across a song from The Beatles remixed…But I did! And I actually really like it! This one is from a while back, but my good friend, Tona, just recently showed it to me and I couldn’t resist posting this smooth, elegant, yet upbeat masterpiece. This is one you just keep listening to over and over and over again until you get sick of it(which hasn’t happened yet). Allure did a good job on this one, that’s for sure. Cheers.

And I love Her (Allure Remix) – The Beatles


Stereo Hands & Bagraiders

To start off, here’s Bag Raiders’ Sunlight. I’ve always been somewhat of a loyal fan of Bag Raiders and this one, for some reason, I like.

Download – Sunlight – Bag Raiders

[audio:|titles=Sunlight – Bag Raiders]

Got two more for you today :) I like both, and I hope you do too. The first one is a mashup, which I’m usually not a huge fan of in general (or rap mashups for that matter) by Brenton Duvall and Patrick McKelvy (collectively known as the Potomac Boys Club). Regardless I find it pretty catchy because I fucking love Ellie G.. so that answers that.

The second one is a mashup of the same track, this time by The White Panda of Wale and Waka’s track No Hands. It’s mashed with Edward Maya’s Stereo Love, which I know we all love so that makes it might fine. Enjoy :)

Download – Lights! (Potomac Boys Club)(Ellie, Waka, Wale) – Potomac Boys Club)

[audio:|titles=Lights! (Potomac Boys Club)(Ellie, Waka, Wale) – Potomac Boys Club)]


Download – Stereo Hands – The White Panda

[audio:|titles=Stereo Hands – The White Panda]