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Black Flashbacks


Ok, to start us off :)

Download – Black Flashbacks (Paris FZ & Simo T Bootleg)-Paris FZ & Simo T Vs. Calvin Harris

Skrillex has been on FUCKING FIRE lately and I couldn’t stop him from burning through me either. Come across a few remixes and singles of his that have done me right.. But Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites is definitely A+ classic – check it below.

I definitely recommend Slats Slats Slats. It starts off pretty heavy but keeps its energy all the way through with some Skrillex-like synth harmonies that I’m sure will delight your ears and mess with your emotions:)

Download – Slats Slats Slats – Skrillex

Download – Just The Way You Are (Skrillex BatBoi Remix) – Bruno Mars


Download – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites – Skrillex

Breakbot & Aeroplane!

Here’s a fresh one coming from Breakbot covering Aeroplane’s recently released single Without Lies. The original wasn’t bad but Breakbot seems to have a special way of being able to make things extra funky ;). I guess it’s what you get for being a cool Parisian dude huh???

Can’t go wrong in my opinion!

Download – Without Lies (Breakbot Remix) – Aeroplane

Now, just for kicks we’ll leave you the original as well because I think it’s a necessary comparison.

Download – Without Lies feat. Sky Ferreira – Aeroplane

Oh hi number 6

Wanna kick off the first post with a couple nice songs that I’ve been liking a lot. First off is Make Me Yours from an duo who came together to make a nice LP and released this single. Ryan Lewis is a photographer, producer and designer that calls Seattle his home, and he’s got some real nice trendy pics on his site.

I had the chance to listen to much of their other songs of their LP but this song definitely struck home for me. Catchy synth intro that carries strong through the song and even though I’m not a huge fan of rap, I’d say give this one a shot at least:)

P.S. If you go to his myspace here you can download the entire LP and many other tracks of his!














Download – Make Me Yours – Symmetry & Ryan Lewis

Now, I HAVE to urge you to listen to this song. Calvin’s original was a favorite of mine and this remix by Beat Thrillerz adds a nice beat while keeping the tenacity the song had to begin with. Check the video out too!

Download – Flashback (Beat Thrillerz Remix) – Calvin Harris