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Brenton Duvall & Ocelot

Now this is a kid to keep your eye out for. I’ve only got just a few tracks of his but I have yet to be disappointed. He’s coasted to the top of Hypem multiple times and his music seems to be seemless. His most recent track that I’ve come across is getting some hype […]


Really…Another masterpiece? This one is definitely my favorite from his latest album and the vocals from Penny really make this track irresistible. If Skrillex keeps throwing down tracks like this, I wouldn’t be surprised if he landed high up in the top 100 DJs of 2011. Download-All I Ask Of You (Original Mix)-Skrillex ft. Penny *Bonus*

Ah yes, and insomnia settles in…

Seeing as I can’t sleep and all I really do when I can’t sleep is sit on my computer and stumble or surf endless pages of blogs I decided I should put my time to something slightly more productive… like… sharing dankydank songs with … whoevers reading? Ok… enough of the rambling I suppose.. I’ve […]

Ohhh Nadia

This is by far the best song in Nadia Ali’s Queen of Clubs Trilogy album. Avicii was able to make an epic remix out of the original version of Rapture, which I’m sure you’ve all heard…Nadia’s voice get’s me every time and now with Avicii’s smooth house feel added, wow I’m OBSESSED. ENJOY =D.   […]

Low Key Jam

Enough of the hard hitting jams…Lay back in that comfy chair, put on some headphones and enjoy the rising and falling synths that make this mellow dance jam beautiful.   Download – Every Love That Ever Was (Montauk’s Vacation Mix)-Home Video

Black Flashbacks

FTW Ok, to start us off :) Download – Black Flashbacks (Paris FZ & Simo T Bootleg)-Paris FZ & Simo T Vs. Calvin Harris Skrillex has been on FUCKING FIRE lately and I couldn’t stop him from burning through me either. Come across a few remixes and singles of his that have done me right.. But […]

Breakbot & Aeroplane!

Here’s a fresh one coming from Breakbot covering Aeroplane’s recently released single Without Lies. The original wasn’t bad but Breakbot seems to have a special way of being able to make things extra funky ;). I guess it’s what you get for being a cool Parisian dude huh??? Can’t go wrong in my opinion! Download […]

Oh hi number 6

Wanna kick off the first post with a couple nice songs that I’ve been liking a lot. First off is Make Me Yours from an duo who came together to make a nice LP and released this single. Ryan Lewis is a photographer, producer and designer that calls Seattle his home, and he’s got some […]