Tuesday Mix-Up #11

Ready to feel mighty filthy this lovely Tuesday? Cuz I know I have been and I think you should too. As per usual folks, some of my favorites and must-hear’s from the week past. I have a lot going into this particular Tuesday Mix Up that I think you’re really going to like. With Chrome Wolves delivering one dope-ass down-dub/trap remix of Purity Ring‘s ever-so-popular Obedear to a funkkky collab between Viceroy and Madi Diaz with their release Chase Us Around ending with Brodinski‘s – get this one for christ’s sake, get this one – tech-trap remix of Danny Brown‘s Die Like A Rockstar. This is one to write home about ladies and gents. Summer’s in full swing and so is the music scene. These are the tracks you’ll look back in the middle of winter ’12-’13 as your boarding some fresh pow and reminisce about how good the summer was. Enjoy.

1. Like I said, this amazing track coming from Viceroy features Madi Diaz‘s amazingly stunning vocals. Talk about a good summer-vibe filled song. Let the Beat Chase You Around :)

Chase Us Around feat. Madi Diaz – Viceroy

Viceroy on FacebookMadi Diaz on Facebook

2. Jhameel continues to surprise me with every track that he releases. I can’t help but feel that his voice reminds me a bit of Michael Jackson’s but his style couldn’t be any further and extremely refreshing track. This track is slightly calmer than his others but the lyrics are very powerful backed by an incredible voice.

Walls Down – Jhameel

Jhameel on Facebook

3. To be honest with you it took me about a week or so to let this track really settle in and for me to like it. Its dubstep… I think… but very synthy and very, very catchy. Just give it some time because I feel that Vexare did an incredible job remixing this one.

Breathe ft. Farisha (Vexare Remix) – Maka & Waeck

Vexare on Facebook

4. I’m not 100% sure that I have any other tracks from The Shoes (indie-pop french group, yo) but I’m glad that Yelle released this on their SoundCloud just a week ago. It’s a mellow mind trip with Yelle’s vocals floating and flying all around you. Turn it up, close your eyes, and let it take you.

Safari Disco Club (The Shoes Remix) – Yelle

The Shoes on FacebookYelle on Facebook

5. I’m gonna take a little turn towards the filth, starting with this one. I fucking love Notorious B.I.G. to begin with and Woody‘s light remix on this adds just the right of funk that I would want. Spec’ it.

Machine Gun Funk (Woody Remix) – The Notorious B.I.G.

Woody on Facebook, Notorious B.I.G. on Facebook

6. The Chrome Wolves have become quite a regular on my weekly mix ups, and I guess its because they’re fucking fantastic at what they do. This is more of a trap-tech dub remix and, to be honest, I think it may be one of my favorite remixes of Obedear that I have heard.

Obedear (Chrome Wolves Bootleg) – Purity Ring

Chrome Wolves on Facebook

7. This is what I’ve been waiting to share with you, best for last you fools. MIA herself put this up on her SoundCloud and is a track to reckon with.  Production from Switch, Danja, and Leo Justi with features from Missy Elliott, Rye Rye, and Azealia Banks. Like a said, a track and a force to reckon with.

Bad Girls (Switch Remix) – M.I.A. ft. Missy Elliott & Rye Rye

8. Brodinski is a Parisian producer with superb taste and unbelievable talent. This track is a perfect example of what this power-house Frenchman can deliver. This IS the best for last and holy shit, I think you’ll be as blown away as I was. The beginning starts off pretty electro-house / techy then drops into some filthy new trap shiiiii. 2:15… Do it.

Die Like a Rockstar (Brodinski Rmx) – Danny Brown

Brodinski on Facebook