Yelle <[^.^<]

I’ve been wanting to post some songs by Yelle for quite some time, and they are a little bit on the older side but I don’t really give a fuck and I think they deserve a little shout. They make me want to do what he ^^ is doing up there. The first song is their single that was released about a month ago or so (around the time we were starting up OHD), it’s called La Musique.

Download – La Musique – Yelle

[audio:|titles=La Musique – Yelle]

Now this song, called Ce Jeu, has been one of my favorites for quite a while now… Nothing brings back memories of summer, dancing, partying and epic times like this song does. enyoi

Download – Ce Jeu – Yelle

[audio:|titles=Ce Jeu – Yelle]