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Etherwood – Shake The Foundations EP

Etherwood, a name some of you may recognize from the remix he did of Jakwob‘s “Right Beside You” we posted a while back (which just so happened to be one of my favorite tracks of last year), has just released a new EP entitled Shake The Foundations.  It’s only a four song EP but each song just flows so seamlessly into the other (like any good collection of songs should) it’s hard not to take a liking to it.  I love the soft drum & bass flow and the blending of the vocals, which has really become a trademark in Etherwood‘s production.  He has made the EP available for free download so be sure to pick it up, and don’t forget to show him some love by keeping up to date with all his latest productions via the links listed below.

Shake The Foundations EP by Etherwood

Free Download


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Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks, a 20-year-old lyricist from Harlem, New York City has been on the up & up recently and definitely deserves some attention. She’s got some serious talent for creating some of the freshest and newest beats around. She’s even been recently recognized by Kanye West!  Since her first steps as a child in off-broadway theatre productions to her training at La Guardia High School of Performing Arts -a breeding ground for stars- she’s been steadily perfecting her craft and making a name for herself. Enjoy.

Right Click to Download – 212 – Azealia Banks

[audio:|titles=212 – Azealia Banks]

Right Click to Download – Fuck Up The Fun – Azealia Banks

[audio:|titles=Fuck Up The Fun – Azealia Banks]

What’s My Noise (Snoop Dogg vs Dillon Francis & Kill The Noise) – The Hood Internet

God I love a good mashup. There’s something about the combination of some tunes of some of your favorite songs all put together into one song. Especially when it’s done really, really well. The Hood Internet is famous for their impeccable ability to do just this and this track combing Snoop Dogg, Dillon Francis, and Kill The Noise is epic. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Enjoy :)

Right Click to Download – What’s My Noise (Snoop Dogg vs Dillon Francis & Kill The Noise) – The Hood Internet

[audio:|titles=What’s My Noise (Snoop Dogg vs Dillon Francis & Kill The Noise) – The Hood Internet]


Thought if you’d like that one you’d like this one. I think I’m right.

Right Click to Download – Nightchain (Wale vs Kavinsky) – The Hood Internet

[audio:|titles=Nightchain (Wale vs Kavinsky) – The Hood Internet]

Raining (House Sheriffs Remix) – Adam K & Kaskade

Got a great remix for ya’ll today coming from House Sherrif, two young upcoming DJ/Producers from Haiti, currently based in Miami ,Fl. I’ve had an obsession with Kaskade ever since I was first introduced to electronic music, and I absolutely love when DJ’s create amazing remixes of his music. Prepare yourself for the insane drop and just imagine yourself flying through space, or something crazy like that. Cheers.

Right Click to Download – Raining (House Sheriffs Remix) – Adam K & Kaskade

[audio:|titles=Raining (House Sheriffs Remix) – Adam K & Kaskade]


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Chasing Fire (Drumstep VIP) – Eliminate

Got quite a nice dubstep track coming from Eliminate for all of you dubhead fans today. Found this one floating around on SoundCloud the other day. It was featured on Dubstep.NET and is one hell of a quality track that absolutely deserves your download. I promise that this one will not disappoint.

If you’re wondering where we’ve been for the last few days, we’ve been drunk. So our apologies. It was Tom’s birthday yesterday and we have made several days of it. For those of you in Miami, enjoy the fuck out yourselves you lucky fucks.


Right Click to Download – Chasing Fire (Drumstep VIP) – Eliminate

[audio:|titles=Chasing Fire (Drumstep VIP) – Eliminate]

Lauryn Vyce – Fallin

Lauryn Vyce released her new single Fallin last week that features some lovely female vocals, and a nice progressive feel. The vocals and the catchy dance beat really suck you into a state of eudaimonia. Look out for this one on the radio, because it’s definitely got the potential to make a mainstream impact.

To Download, PURCHASE ON iTunes

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Midweek Mix w/ Danny Page #19

Danny Page started the party early this week with his 19th edition of the Midweek Mix. A unique array of 16-tracks are packed into this mix to kick off the start of what is to be five amazing days for the lucky folks who will be making their way to the Winter Music Conference and Ultra in Miama. Cheers.

ZEDS DEAD & Omar LinX – Victor [EP] // Free Download

If you haven’t already heard yet, ZEDS DEAD recently collaborated with hip-hop and rap artist Omar LinX and released an EP titles Victor. The album combines Omar LinX‘s rap and hip-hop lyrics and sometimes beat, with ZEDS DEAD‘s dubstep sounds. It’s actually extremely catchy, and interesting and seems to be following a new trend in combing the two genres.

Fusing nostalgic 90s sample-based hip hop with futuristic bass and cinematic soundscapes, The Victor Mixtape is both a step forward and a throwback to the past featuring Omar LinX rapping over some of Zeds Deads classic hits such as “Eye On Fire”, “Rude Boy”, and more!  

Right Click to Download – Coffee Break – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX

[audio:|titles=Coffee Break – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX]

Right Click to Download – Jackie Boy 2.0 – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX

[audio:|titles=Jackie Boy 2.0 – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX]

Right Click to Download – No Prayers – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX

[audio:|titles=No Prayers – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX]

Right Click to Download – The One – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX

[audio:|titles=The One – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX]

Right Click to Download – Out For Blood – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX

[audio:|titles=Out For Blood – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX]

Right Click to Download – Rudeboy – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX

[audio:|titles=Rudeboy – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX]

Right Click to Download – You and I – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX

[audio:|titles=You and I – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX]

To Download the whole EP at once: CLICK HERE

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Stars Come Out (Dillon Francis Remix) – Zedd

Dillon Francis has been pushing a new style thats a bit different from that all Moombah he pushed so hard last year. His remix of Hulk found huge success, making it to Beatports Electro House top 100 and hes bringing it hard in this remix of Zedds Stars Come Out. Im a huge fan of all of DF’s moombah tracks and im still riding the train on this new style hes experimenting with. He slows this track down to a nice 112BPM and adds a bit of that DF flare with a heavy bass line and some tasty syncopated synths.

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