Hey everyone! Happy to announce that (can you believe it) today is exactly one year from the very first post that we ever created as Oh Hey Doctor. We’re happy to be around for as long as we have because 1-year is an extremely long time to be around, active, on the blogosphere. We’re very proud and we are so very thankful to all of you that have been extremely dedicated, kind and positive followers :) So, to thank all of you, we’d like to throw a sort of … competition… in the air!

This is how it works – We’ve set up an email account to which any of you, who are so artistically inclined, that would like to have their work displayed for the world to see may submit a design that is Oh Hey Doctor affiliated. Meaning, make a design, logo, picture ANYTHING that you feel may fit well with our music, our blog or our lifestyle and submit it to ohddesign@gmail.com!

The winner of best design, logo or whichever will have their work featured on our shirts and merchandise that are due to arrive within a month! Not only that, we will send the very first printed shirt sent FOR FREE to the winners doorstep. It’s a great opportunity to get recognized and in turn support your favorite music blog!

Thanks for all the love everyone and we look forward to a new, prosperous year filled with the best music in the blogosphere!!!

SUBMIT YOUR DESIGNS TO —- ohddesign@gmail.com    that’s ohddesign@gmail.com    OR just click here.

Davie, Tum and Dro.



DOM says:

Just found your site today randomly and I love what I see. I’ve already spread the word to numerous friends. Keep up the good work!

Davie says:

Hey DOM,
Glad you like the site! We’re really glad that you like what you see :) Keep your eyes open for some updates scheduled to come soon! We revamping our site and are excited for some really good, positive change. Spread the word!