June Re-Cap Part I


Thanks to a fortunate turn of events I am excited to say I am finally fully back in business and can finally begin posting on a regular basis again.  I received my computer with it’s soul still in tact (my hardrive and all my music THANK YOU DIGITAL JESUS) and couldn’t wait to get you all caught up with what you may have missed while I was M.I.A.  I didn’t really know where to start so here’s just a bunch of songs I’ve been listening to that have been released over the past month and a few from the past couple of days.  Some of this may be re-cap for a few of you but I figured it better late than never.  Stay tuned for Part II and be sure to keep your ears peeled for Indie Mix Vol. III – which should be up some time next week. [fap_playlist id=”164″ layout=”list” enqueue=”yes” play_playlist_button=”” button_enqueue=”no”]

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