OHD Interview: Candyland

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]andyland is a co-ed electro-house and dubstep duo that have been blowing up the blogosphere with their amazing remixes and original productions. As their Facebook says, and as we agree, these two are NOT to be confused with the childhood board game. If that’s what you have come here for, well we believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised to have found something much more amazing. Seeing as both OHD and Candyland are based in Santa BarbaraCandyland was brought to our attention early in their career, and we’ve been able to consciously watch their destined climb to the top. So now, we’re teaming up to bring you an exclusive look into the lives and masters behind the name. With several tracks making their way to the upper tiers of Hypem‘s popular page, remixes being blasted around the world, and sweeping remix competitions by storm, Candyland is setting up to be the next big thing.

BONUS: Here’s a full preview of their unreleased remix with LAZRtag called “Jump” to enjoy while you read :)

[audio:https://ohheydoctor.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Jump-Candyland-Remix.mp3|titles=Jump (Candyland Remix) – LAZRtag]

Oh Hey Doctor: So, tell us about yourselves? Who is Candyland?

Candyland: (Josie) Basically the best way I can describe it is a black girl and white boy who have been playing music all their lives fell in love with dance music and decided to make it.

(Ethan) I love God. I also love music. I also love black people. Need I say more?

OHD: Couldn’t of asked for a better team. Do you guys ever argue about production? Or is it as free-flowing as Gloppy the Chocolate Monster (couldn’t help it)?

Candyland: (Josie) There have been times were we bicker about how we want the song to sound or something like that but usually we agree on what we like. We have a pretty good system that works for now.

(Ethan) Everyone disagrees at some point with their partner whether its music, marriage, or even friendship. I do all the production, but I like it best that way most of the time.

OHD: You both seem so different… but as they say, opposites attract. Do you think this is true or are you more similar in musical taste and in lifestyle than one might assume?

Candyland: (Josie) Were both pretty weird people, so that works. But Ethan’s more outgoing and weird in public than I am, but were good friends yeah. When were together there is always a point when were both crying laughing. Musically we have pretty similar tastes. We both appreciate “real music” as Ethan likes to say, but I think he means all music, of every genre. Not just dance music.

(Ethan) When I say “real music” I mean anything played on real instruments, not computers. We have very similar tastes in music, but we also enjoy different styles from each other as well. It’s cool because we can both bring what we like to the table and end up making something unique.

OHD: How did you get started making music together?

Candyland: (Josie) I started DJing because of this local DJ Taylor Lane, he was a big insparation to me and I got my first CDJs my Sophomore year in Highschool and my first gig was at Ethans 16th birthday party. I started to talk to him about music after that and we started a couple bands together, Ska bands, and accustic bands. He joined the group and we made little mash ups and DJ’d friends parties until April of 2011 when we signed our first EP.

(Ethan) What she said.

OHD: Okay.. Have to ask.. Where did the name actually come from?

Candyland: (Josie) We just really really really love the game. Hahaha no, we took a little break for a while and were sitting next to my Mom and decided that if we were gonna give DJing a second try we should start fresh, make or oringals, change our name, everything. So we started yelling out names, and Ethan said Candyland and I liked it but my Mom REALLY liked it. So it just became our name I guess. Doesn’t really mean anything or says anything about us.

(Ethan) Woah I forgot how that happened! Good times I’m glad you remembered Josie.

OHD: Your remix of Darude’s “Sandstorm” shot quickly to the top 20 on Hypem gained massive recognition around the world… What was the first thing you did?

Candyland: (Josie) I’m not sure, I think I told my friend Tal that we passed him on Hypem, he really liked to brag about that for the longest time, becuase we never charted on Hypem and he did. So I had to let him know what was up hahaha.

(Ethan) I was super surprised we made it into the top ten. You always see those remix’s and stuff in the top ten, but you never think it’s gonna be you up there. It’s good to finally seeing the hard work pay off.

OHD: So what’s next? Tell us about your upcoming EP!

Candyland: (Josie) Not sure how much we can say about it besides it’s gonna be our largest and most diverse EP yet. We’ve been experimenting with new sounds and genres and thats really gonna show on this EP. So far we cover Electro House, Dirty House, Dubstep, Classical, Glitch Hop, and I think were even gonna do some Trap. Were working with some really cool people, featuring a new extremely talented singer who is making her EDM debut on this. Its gonna be really interesting.

(Ethan) I just want two things. I want the songs on it to be genuinely good songs that are pretty indispensable. And I want other producers to study what I made. I want them to sick back and say, “okay, how the HECK did he make that?”

OHD: If you had to describe your music using only flavors, what would it taste like?

Candyland: (Josie)Our music would taste like… Crap I don’t know haha. People say our music is “dirty and filthy” no one wants to eat that. I guess Rocky Road? Got some good Chocolate up in there because I’m black, oh wait then the nuts, cause our music gets cray. Then marsh mellows, because Ethan’s white. Man that was the worst answer of all time.

(Ethan)If we were a flavor, I’d say we were neapolitan. A little of everything.


Thanks for reading and make sure to keep your eyes and ears out for this electric duo. Guaranteed you’ll be seeing a LOT more of these two around the internet and hearing Candyland‘s impressive sound sitting at the top of the hottest, most played, and best of lists all over the internet!

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