Xenith/Big Gigantic/Spenca

I have no idea who this dude Xenith is (seriously there’s literally like nothing about him online) so I wont send you to his page quite yet. I’m sure If he keeps making beats like this we’ll start seeing his name more and more. Not very many songs these days can captivate me from the beginning and keep me interested, yet Xenith has done just that with the insanely mixed melodic vocals and a very hard hitting, yet mellow, bass. Another treat I have is coming your way from Colorado. Big Gigantic is a name that may ring some bells. For those of you who don’t know, they are a ‘Live-tronic’ jazz and hip-hop electro band.. They jam out with saxophones and electronic drum kits n shit… I’ve only heard legendary stories of their live shows. Can’t wait till I get to see what the hype is for myself. Lastly I have to lay down 2 tracks from a man named, Spenca. I had to put up both songs to show the diversity in this dudes arsenal. His ‘Superstition’ remix is a dance and house music gem. Aaron you’re going to love this shit. Anyway the main reason I’m putting Spenca up here is for his original mix ‘Do It Live’.  It’s genius. He uses a hilarious sound clip of Bill O’ Reilly losing his shit on some news cast from years ago..turn it up. enjoy!

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